About Omni Online Portal

Keep the power of having fully functional Omni Accounts desktop software, but use this portal together with the Omni API for enabling remote access to key features, such as sales and reporting.

You may opt to host your own data, or else have it hosted for you. If you are already using a hosted Omni system, then you are just a few clicks away from having everything configured.

Note: this site does not store any of your data in any way. There are no synchronisations to do. Every action gets saved directly and is instantly available to all users.

What Browsers are Supported?

As this is a feature rich web application, you will need to use a modern browser. Internet Explorer (last updated in 2013, and since replaced by Edge) is not supported.

We follow the "mobile first" design principle, so you should find the use of this site just as comfortable on your phone or tablet, as you will on your Windows Desktop, Apple Mac, laptop, or MacBook.

Benefits of Cloud

Apart from the obvious benefits of being able to access your accounts from anywhere, anytime via any device there are quite a few other features too:

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Since this is a Hybrid Cloud solution, you have further benefits not normally available in cloud products.